Welcome To...

...the new Broadheath Music. Third time lucky? This incarnation is self- hosted (thanks for nothing, T---lr) and not based on W---P----, so perhaps there is hope.

The blog is now primary; this right here is a "sticky" post, which I will leave pinned to the top for a little while but not forever. See the menu, above, for links to my music. Blog posts (except an occasional few, including this one) will have comments, and so will the music pages. The comments are hosted by IntenseDebate, who we must hope will live up to their rather boastful name, but you do not need to have an account with them -- you may if you wish, or already do, or not.

There will be a few reposts from the old blogs -- not everything, but there is at least one repost that I have specifically promised, so it will go up in a minute here. Mostly I will just talk about whatever musical topics come to mind, often using them as springboards for wider speculation. Much of this will be whatever is provoked by the day's radio listening. I am also going to try to do more long reads (see, they have a menu entry of their own), but who knows how well that will go.