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Contemporary Classical Music by Frank Wilhoit

The Door for E-flat clarinet and smallish orchestra

In 1939, E. B. White, having attended some kind of exhibition of (then) modern interior design while feeling rather unwell, returned to his office at The New Yorker and composed a brief essay entitled The Door. This work is less remarkable for its subtext (a generic and unexamined anti-modernism of a kind that was fashionable at the time and in that venue) than for its style, which is hallucinatory and free-associative without being self- consciously obscure. As such, it defies metaconvention (optional) as well as convention (mandatory).

The same imperative to defy metaconvention motivated the composition (during August 2019; revised 2022) of this musical work, which has a concertante solo part without being a "concerto". It is a fantasy, within which a "scherzo" and a "slow movement" may be identified -- or not, as you wish.

The solo instrument is accompanied by four horns, snare drum, and strings.

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