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Concerto in D minor for Violoncello and Orchestra, Op. 29 (2010-2017)

This concerto is obviously primarily modelled upon the Brahms concerti, but its first movement reminds us that Brahms never wrote a real Beethovenian Allegro con brio. Where someone famously described the Brahms violin concerto as "a concerto for violin against orchestra -- and the violin wins!", this is a concerto for 'cello against orchestra, but the 'cello loses. The topic of contention is whether, as the soloist advocates, the work really ought to be in E-flat. The soloist is eventually convinced that D is the One True Key, but the battle is fought with pertinacity, ingenuity, and guile.

NOTE @ 28 December 2017 The scores (full and piano-reduction) and the solo part are watermarked "pre-publication" because the solo part has not yet been edited and the possibility of revisions arising from the editing process cannot be ruled out.

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